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Congratulations to our Sting Corpus Christi 2010 and 2006 Girls for winning the 2023 President’s Cup State Championship. Both teams are now headed to Greensville, South Carolina June 14-20th to compete for the Regional Championship! Even with adapting to a new coach, a bigger field, a more competive level of soccer, plus player injuries early in the season, the 2010 girls preservered and worked extremely hard to move into new heights. Not only this, but many of the players on the team play up a year. Every weekend since August, families have traveled to San Antonio to play against city giants from Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Throughout the season, they have learned new styles of play as well as became rounded in multiple positions and fought for every win. Heading into State Cup finals, the 2010 Sting Corpus Christi girls were up against major competitors from Houston teams (said to be partnered with a professional Houston Dash) as well as another from San Antonio. The ladies were able to secure three victories against these teams with just two substitutions all tournament.
The Sting Corpus Christi 2006 girls story is not much different. Traveling every weekend into San Antonio to play against Texas city giants: Houston, San Antonio and Austin teams is all taxing. The 2006s season continued to be a grind and as they approached State finals, the girls were able to secure a victory and a tie against two Houston teams and another win against a team from the valley. One of their players also suffered a season ending injury similar to the 10s.
Both teams are led by Sting Corpus Christi Director of Coaching, Michael Stewart who moved to Corpus just 12 months ago. Here is what he had to say, “We’ve been really blessed with the support and sacrifices of our parents on board. I highly appreciate their belief in the girls and the system. Both teams have had an excellent season, it’s amazing to see the growth of the players over this past year. Football (soccer) is an emotional sport but the way the ladies have handled adversity is astonishing. Our goal is to educate and grow the football culture and community across the Greater Coastal Bend area. I believe it starts with doing things the right way, playing the right way and results will always follow. It may be a harder road but overall development within the girls will be everlasting.

Sting has 2 of the 7 teams (1 in each age bracket) that will represent Texas going into regionals. They will be competing against the champions from 14 different states. If there is one thing certain, the passion, commitment and grind the players show only proves Corpus integrity and a large community support. We wish the best to the ladies as they represent the Greater Coastal Bend area in the regional championship!